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State of Emergency

We have now been living under a state of emergency for nearly two years and have no positive results to show for it. Since Inslee has decided to run our state by decree rather than by process, Washington State has suffered. Despite being one of the most vaccinated states in the country, our Governor has:

(1) Unilaterally taken us in and out of lockdown measures (2) Put us through confusing 'phases' with different and ever-changing rules (3) Destroyed our local businesses (4) Disrupted our children's educations (5) Fired thousands of our public sector and healthcare employees (despite their service to us throughout the pandemic) (6) Brought our hospitals and other public agencies like the Department of Transportation into 'crisis' mode

It has been two years and we still don't see a solution on the horizon. It is time Governor Inslee relinquished his Emergency Powers and allowed our legislature to do their job and find common solutions to the issues that we face. Help us show the Democrats in the legislature that the residents of our great state no longer want to live under Inslee's edicts. It is high time we enact Emergency Powers reform. Send the democrats in the legislature this message by filling out the form below:

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