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Whatcom County Republican Party Nomination for State Senate Clarification Statement | From The Candidate Development Committee as reported to the Executive Board and the Central Committee.

The unfortunate loss of Senator Doug Ericksen resulted in a series of events that led to an appointment to fill the seat January 2022. The criteria were set forth by the Executive Board of the WCRP. Over 80 individuals were considered by the Candidate Development Committee (CDC) of Whatcom County Republicans. The CDC narrowed down the selection based on the following commitments that were required to become one of the three nominees:

1. Immediate availability for the session which was to begin Jan 10 and fill the remaining one-year term.

2. A commitment to run for the four-year term, as the incumbent if they were appointed by the County Council.

3. Each candidate had to assure the CDC that there were no “background issues” that could cause a problem for them or the Republican Party.

4. Each candidate was asked that if not appointed by the County Council they would support the individual that was selected which included not running against the incumbent.

Candidates that could not make these commitments were removed from consideration. Candidates were also interviewed and considered based on their position on various issues and ability to communicate their beliefs in support of the Republican platform.

The three individuals, Tasha Dykstra Thompson, Ben Elenbaas, and Simon Sefzik all made the above commitments to the Republican Party and were the nominees forwarded to the County Council which made the final selection. On January 11, Simon Sefzik was chosen and sworn in as Senator for the 42nd District.

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On the evening of the 10th of February, 2022, the Whatcom County Republican Central Committee voted to endorse the incumbent Simon Sefzik for State Senate.

"There was a groundswell of support for Senator Simon Sefzik among the PCOs, so the Central Committee passed and adopted a motion to endorse Sen. Sefzik in his bid to hold the seat as the incumbent Republican in the 42nd legislative district," said Whatcom County Republican Party Chair John Ramsey. "The local party has full confidence in Sen. Sefzik and consequently voted with an overwhelming majority to endorse him. Now more than ever we need strong conservative Republican leadership to be put in a position to correct the errors and mismanagement of many years of Democratic rule in Olympia. Simon Sefzik can be a flag-bearer in the charge to take back the Senate for Republicans."

Visit Senator Simon Sefzik campaign website here: Donate here: DONATION LINK


John Ramsey

Chair | Whatcom County Republican Party

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