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This election season operates on a non-partisan basis, where each race follows a unique pattern: the two candidates with the highest vote counts move forward to the General Election. Here are the preliminary results as of election night. Subsequent updates will be provided nightly until the final tally is complete. Individuals are granted the chance to rectify their rejected ballots until August 14th.

*please note that some races could change as further results come in. We will post updates as they come in.

Candidates advancing in the County Executive race: Satpal Sidhu and Dan Purdy
Congratulations Dan Purdy!!
Candidates advancing in the County Council District 4 race: Mark Stremler and Kathy Kershner
Congratulations to BOTH Mark Stremler and Kathy Kershner!!

Candidates advancing in the County Council At-Large race: Jon Scanlon and Hannah Ordos
Congratulations to Hannah Ordos!!

Candidates advancing in the Mayor of Bellingham race: Seth Fleetwood and Kim Lund
Candidates advancing in City Council races:
City of Bellingham Ward 1: Hannah Stone and Eamonn Collins
City of Bellingham At-large: Jace Cotton and Russ Whidbee
City of Everson: Ashley Brown and Gary Locke

Candidates advancing in the School board races:
Ferndale Dist. 2: Antonio Machado Catano and Brent Bode
Congratulations Antonio Machado Catano!!
Blaine Dist. 2: Ben Lazarus and Dean Berkeley
Lynden Position 3: Gary Vis and Jim Verburg
Congratulations Jim Verberg!!
Meridian Dist. 5: Michelle Simmons and J Riley Sweeney
Congratulations Michelle Simmons!!

Prop 2023-01 passes in the Primary

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