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May Message from the WCRP Chair

Hello All,

As we all know, the first part of May was filing week and there were a lot of seats to fill. Our candidate committee is working hard to make sure we have a list of candidates to recommend for endorsement at our upcoming central committee meeting. 

We, as always, are looking for volunteers to help out this summer and fall with activities like parades, the fair, etc. If you are interested please reach out to me via email or fill out the volunteer form on our website. 

During my term as WCRP Chair I will say that I am very proud of our group thus far. Our team has handled the Caucus in January, the County Convention in February, the Lincoln Day Dinner in March, the State Convention in April and then candidate filing week in May. All along the way our group has shown professionalism, determination and a "get it done" attitude. As the Chair of our Party I want to send out a sincere and heartfelt "Thank You" to all those involved. We have a lot of momentum and moving forward I am optimistic for the November elections. 


Dan Johnson Sr.

WCRP Chair


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