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Lincoln Day Thank You. Let's Make Giving History

The 2021 Lincoln Day Dinner was a huge success! Thank you to our donors, sponsors and attendees.

Whatcom Republicans engaged in a one-week virtual auction which culminated on the night of the event with the live items. We were able to offer an on-site event to a small number of attendees and focused on the theme of “Restoring Liberty”. Our donations (before expenses) are currently at $77k and we’d like to get closer to $100k by Wednesday midnight. Please give through the Fund a Need link.

This year is especially important with local elections: mayors, city councils, commissions, county council and more! Excellent potential candidates are stepping up and we need your support to support them. Funding will be critical along with our volunteer efforts. We are conservatives. We conserve our resources, but many times have neglected to adequately fund the campaigns of people who run for office. What good does it do to conserve our money and ultimately lose our voice in our community?

Please give generously and let us break our giving records in 2021! The Whatcom Republican Party is not giving up. Help us help you. We are restoring liberty!

A recap of the event:

WCRP Chair, John Ramsey gave an update on the local party and urged us to pursue “a little happiness” together. Jeff Kent, State Committeeman talked about the national events and how efforts are continuing on election integrity with the intent of making it “easy to vote, but hard to cheat”. The highlight of the evening was three young Republicans -- Zoey (16), Danaya (17), and Jesse (20). Each shared insight on their view of issues facing us now from cancel culture, learning from history to preserve our future, and how the lockdowns have affected the young people of this generation. Each urged us to all stay in the fight together and to be intentional in passing the torch of freedom.

Two awards were presented, Carolyn Anderson with the Bob Wiesen Lifetime Achievement Award, and Republican of the Year 2020 went to Jim McKinney. The evening concluded with Jim addressing the audience on the importance of pushing back and urging all to stand firm on the Constitution and our inalienable rights. The purpose of the event has always been our biggest fundraiser of the year to fund the party to build and cultivate conservative values and voters. We identify new voters moving into the county and support Republican candidates to get them elected. It takes about $100k in annual donations to run a county party well. Our fixed costs are very low but it requires significant funds to produce and mail our slate cards and to supply needed training and materials.


Together we can!

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