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Click below for full history of ESSB 5395.


Resolution Opposing Sex Education Law

WHEREAS, the Democrats in the Washington State Legislature passed ESSB 5395 to implement a state-mandated Comprehensive Sex Education starting in Kindergarten, and 


WHEREAS, Republicans believe conversations regarding sexual education should begin in the home at an age when parents believe it is appropriate, and 


WHEREAS, the majority of parents believe decisions regarding the instruction of sexual education should be decided at the local level, and 


WHEREAS, ESSB 5395 is a top-down approach where state bureaucrats decide what sex education curriculum local schools must teach, and 


WHEREAS, a majority of schools under the guidance of local schools, parents and community standards already teach age-appropriate sexual education, and 


WHEREAS, ESSB 5395 eliminates a school district’s option to not teach sexual education to young children in lower grades, and 


WHEREAS, the only state-approved curriculum for K-2 is called 3Rs and contains explicit instructional lessons on male/female genitalia, and 


WHEREAS, the 3Rs lesson plans for fourth grade contains R rated adult themes that are not age-appropriate, and 


WHEREAS, a disturbing sixth-grade lesson plan in the 3Rs curriculum sends students to a Planned Parenthood website, and 


WHEREAS, parents believe the state-mandated curriculum is not age-appropriate and teaches adult themes at too young of an age, and 


WHEREAS, Republicans believe parents and local school boards deserve a voice in the matter of teaching sexual education to children, and


WHEREAS, the Democrats in Olympia ignored the massive parent protest and passed ESSB 5395 without a single Republican vote, now therefore, 


BE IT RESOLVED, that the Whatcom County Republican Party joins with Parents for Safe Schools to support a referendum to the people for the repeal ESSB 5395, the extreme K-12 Comprehensive Sex Education law, and we therefore offer full support of Referendum 90 for the repeal ESSB 5395.


ADOPTED by the Whatcom County Republican Party on this the 21 day of April, 2020.


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