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Federal – U.S. Senator

6 Year Term

Tiffany Smiley

(Prefers Republican Party)


(509) 542-7914

PO BOX 1058


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Candidate Statement

Elected Experience

No prior elected experience, but an extensive background building coalitions and working with members from both parties to enact legislation reforming the Veterans Administration and improving veterans’ health care.

Other Professional Experience

Triage nurse, full-time caregiver, President and Co-Founder of “Hope Unseen,” veteran's advocate, mother of three growing boys.


Whitworth College- Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Community Service

KADLEC Foundation Board, Elizabeth Dole Foundation, National Chamber for Hiring our Heroes, Veterans Airlift Command, Camp Corral, Smart Women Smart Money, Policy Vet Board 


Tiffany Smiley grew up on a farm in rural Washington and dreamed of becoming a nurse.  When she married her high school sweetheart, Scotty Smiley, and achieved her goal of becoming a triage nurse it seemed she’d achieved her version of the American Dream.  That dream was shattered in April of 2005 when she was informed that her husband had been blinded by a suicide car bomber in Mosul, Iraq.  At 23, Tiffany quit her nursing job and flew to Walter Reed Army Medical Center to be by Scotty’s side.


At Walter Reed, Tiffany had to stand up to the federal government and fight for Scotty, his dreams and the care he had earned.  For Tiffany, her experience with the military bureaucracy highlighted the challenges facing many service members and their families.  Tiffany became their voice, going to Capitol Hill and meeting with anyone who would listen to her.  She built coalitions with members from both sides of the aisle which ultimately resulted in real reform of the VA to help the catastrophically injured and their caregivers.

Drawing on her experiences as a veteran's advocate, Tiffany will build coalitions and work for policies that improve public safety and protect Washington families, combat spiraling gas prices and the inflation that’s hurting the middle class and address the homeless crisis plaguing our communities.  Tiffany will be a strong supporter of our men and women in law enforcement whose sacrifices keep our streets safe and allow Washington communities to thrive.  As the mother of three school-age boys, Tiffany will invest in our schools to provide every child with a brighter future.  Tiffany has earned the endorsement of the Washington State Republican Party.  From a small farm in Eastern Washington to the nation’s capital, Tiffany will be a voice for all of Washington.