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4 Year Term – Whatcom

*Listed in the order they are listed in the Voter Guide

Beth Perry

Candidate Statement

Elected Experience


Other Professional Experience Wife and Homeschool mom to three children ages 15, 12 & 10; Local Small business owner.

Education Squalicum High School (2000), Attended Whatcom community college and Briercrest College Caronport, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Community Service Volunteer at children’s Vacation Bible school and Children’s Programs at Baker Creek Bible Church and Ferndale First Baptist.

Statement I was born and raised in Whatcom County and have lived in Ferndale for 20 years.

I’m running for the school board to advocate for the best education possible for Ferndale’s children, so our students can bounce back from learning losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ferndale should strive to excel in the core subjects and maintain excellence in arts, sports and music, while fostering interests in agriculture, tech and stem sciences. So that, regardless of which path a student takes in life, they should receive the foundational building blocks upon which to launch successful adult lives.

Families are disappointed with the state of public education and many feel that personal family values are being disregarded inside school walls, Ferndale can do better. Parents and families deserve to know that their children are in safe hands while entrusted to the district. Voters should know that their tax dollars are being used wisely and on student education. As a member of the board, I would make it a priority to find money for resource officers and promote proficiency in core subjects.

Every Student deserves a quality education- it’s time for Ferndale to raise the bar.

Antonio Machado Catano

Candidate Statement

Elected Experience

First-time candidate.

Other Professional Experience

Antonio has extensive experience in technical and policy leadership roles for the energy sector including as a liaison between governmental agencies and industry. He has worked for a major local energy producer, a vital contributor to our charming town of Ferndale. Antonio is currently a Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs for an important trade association representing major energy producers on the West Coast.


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Minor in Business Management - Brigham Young University.

Community Service

Served from 2018 to 2022 on the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. President of the Board in 2019.


I am a first-generation Latino-American that has enjoyed the opportunities this great country has to offer to those that work hard and persevere. As a husband and a father of three children who attend the Ferndale School District, I have a great desire to give back and serve the students in our community.

I believe that aside from home the most important place of learning is at school. It is very important to me that schools are a place of safety, quality of learning and positive interactions.

Every student in our district deserves a curriculum that prepares them for the future, and teachers who possess the necessary tools to help them thrive and have success on their academic journey.

I approach challenges with common sense and utilize my analytical abilities to tackle problems with solutions. I am a strong proponent of partnerships between schools, community, and local businesses. By utilizing all the resources available to us we can serve our students in a way that strengthens their confidence and boosts their chances of succeeding in life. When we support and improve the quality of education today, we are investing in the future generations and our community.

Nancy Button

Candidate Statement

Elected Experience

Nancy is a first time candidate, ready to support the students in Ferndale in a new role.

Other Professional Experience Nancy taught for 20 years in the FSD. She has a teacher’s perspective on what works for children’s development that will help the Board focus on our most important responsibility, educating our students well.

Education Nancy graduated from WWU, cum laude. She has endorsements in K-8 Education, K-12 Reading and K-12 Special Education.

Community Service Nancy volunteered as president for Ferndale Cooperative Preschool 1993-95, sparking a passion for teaching and learning. She continues to serve Ferndale children by volunteering for the education program at Pioneer Park.

Statement As a teacher in the Ferndale School District for 20 years, I am running with a strong commitment towards fostering family inclusivity and nurturing parent partnerships. I have a positive vision for how we can improve the education of all of our students.

I firmly believe that a strong community begins with strong families. Parents are the primary advocates and educators in their children's lives. As your School Board representative, I will actively seek meaningful parent relationships and ensure your voices are heard and respected.

By restoring education to its core academic purpose, our students will receive the world class education they deserve. Ferndale schools should prioritize the fundamentals of learning - equipping students with essential knowledge, critical thinking skills, and a love for lifelong learning. Setting high expectations and supporting teachers in carrying out their mission to provide the very best, student focused education, is my priority. As a passionate advocate for student success, I will work tirelessly to restore our Ferndale schools to their core purpose.

I am dedicated to building a community where families thrive, parents are engaged partners, and education is prioritized. With your vote for me, Nancy Button, we can make this vision a reality.

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