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Congressional District 2 – U.S. Representative

2 Year Term  – Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish, Whatcom

Dan Matthews

(Prefers Republican Party)


(425) 530-8061

P.O. BOX 881


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Candidate Statement

Elected Experience
Former School Board member Lobbied for Children, Parents, Education issues Washington, D.C.; Snohomish County Charter Review Commissioner.

Other Professional Experience

Veteran – Vietnam, Desert Storm Pilot – Retired Air Force Lt. Colonel. Retired Airline 747 Captain, Airline Pilots’ Association (ALPA) Union member. Recently: Contract Instructor Pilot / Consultant – Boeing.


University Puget Sound, BA, Political Science; Master’s Degree – Public Administration, Government.

Community Service

Active local Church, Heritage Foundation; Washington Policy Center; Domestic Abuse Services; Hope House; Union Gospel Mission; Nature Conservancy; Cousteau Society (Founder); American Legion; VFW; Combat Vets; Reserve Officers Association; STEM Skills Task Force; Manhattan Declaration; Little League coach, Rotary. Romans 12.


I believe our country is in Crisis: If we continue in this direction, our Economy will become weaker; more of us will lose our jobs, our homes, health care and pensions. Nationally and Internationally, instability threatens us all! Also threatening us: career politicians, spending years in Congress, Pelosi puppets, entrenched politicians who got us into this mess, often getting rich, at our expense.

Years of weak representation is enough. I am a Citizen Candidate who will always work hard for you, offering Change: problem-solving statesmanship over partisanship. I commit to fully Represent You! Power and money are represented, we are not!

I offer myself “for such a time as this.” Your Vote directs me to change course, carefully, and secure a safe future for ourselves and our children. Respectfully, I ask my opponent and his Party: Take your hands off our children. You do not have our permission to teach them hate, to confuse their impressionable young minds, or indoctrinate them with destructive ideology, undermining the family. Please stop. 

My Congressional Focus: Inflation and Jobs; National and Border Security; Lower Energy costs; Cut Spending; Balanced Budget; Reduce National Debt; Strong National Defense; Limiting Government’s size and reach; Drug and Human Trafficking; Mental Health; Fully Honor commitments to Medicare, Social Security recipients, and Veterans; Reduce Federal Regulations, intrusion; Public Safety, Compassionate, effective Law Enforcement; Business and job growth; Environmental, Election Concerns. Always Communicate, Faithfully Represent You, with Integrity. 

I seek Climate Change – in our political discourse and direction. I will never resort to political lies or extremism, but advance Truth, Balance, Respect, and Understanding.  

Let us not return to power those who got us into this mess. I humbly request your Vote and Voice. Together, We will Change Direction: Restoring Hope, Confidence, Trust. I am Ready – To Represent You!