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Statewide – Secretary of State

2 Year Unexpired Term – Statewide

Bob Hagglund

(Prefers Republican Party)


(425) 835-3135

P.O. BOX 1125


Candidate Statement

Elected Experience
Granite Falls PCO 2017-present. Snohomish County Republican Legislative District committee chairman 2018-present and Election Integrity chairman, 2020-present.

Other Professional Experience
Four decades' professional experience in Data Science, Machine Learning, Online Services, and Business Intelligence serving Healthcare, Manufacturing, Software Development, and Information Security businesses and government. Commercial clients include United Health, Kaiser, MultiCare, Microsoft, Ernst-Young, Nike, and Altria. Government clients include King County Metro, Apple Health, Medicare/Medicaid and Veterans Affairs.

Recent Professional Certifications include University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School: Data Analytics; University of Washington: Machine Learning and Data Manipulation at Scale, Systems and Algorithms.

Community Service
Election auditor and observer.

As Secretary of State, working with our citizens and Legislature, using only American labor not more globalism, I commit to improving and replacing election systems and processes as needed to guarantee every Washingtonian who can legally vote can easily vote, people who legally cannot vote do not vote, and implement a voter identification system and routine audits to protect the integrity of our elections. Compared with accuracy and transparency requirements for engineering, banking, and healthcare, our elections have been completely substandard. We deserve and will build an election system that earns our trust.

We need a strong voice of the people serving in Olympia, someone who has a record of actually getting things done, not just another government career builder, political agitator, or activist trying to build name recognition. We need innovative, free-market solutions proven in the real world. My successful career was built outside of the swamp of government. Like serving on jury duty, I will serve our people, taking responsibility, deliver what I promise, then return to private life, and never make excuses.

Questions? Please visit my website, watch my videos, or call, text, or email me and let me answer all of your questions.