The 2017 Primary Ballots Are Out! People want to know who the Whatcom Republicans are supporting in this election. Your ballot is sitting on the kitchen counter, and you’re wondering how to decide which arrows to connect. Here’s how:


Port of Bellingham:


Whatcom County Council:


Bellingham City Council:


It’s true! We want to repeal and replace local government with people who will actually represent us. We want to provide more intellectual diversity on the county and city councils. We think people in unincorporated Whatcom County deserve representation too. We want to provide alternatives for voters. We don’t want far-left ‘progressive’ candidates to run un-opposed. So we’re supporting candidates whom we believe reflect these values, and fill these roles. But don’t just take our word for it. Be sure to click the candidates’ links, and find out what they truly believe. Let them tell you, in their own words, why you should vote for them.

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