Who Filed – see who filed for Federal, State and County jurisdiction races by going to the links.

In case you haven’t heard,

  • Susan Hutchison, former State Republican Chair, filed for the Federal Senate Race (Maria Cantwell).
  • Senator Doug Ericksen has two opponents:  Tim Ballew II (Democrat currently on Whatcom County Council) and Pinky Vargas (Democrat currently on Bellingham City Council)
  • Representative Vincent Buys has one opponent:  Sharon Shewmake (Democrat)
  • Representative Luanne Van Werven has  two opponents:  Dean Berkeley (Republican) and Justin Boneau (Democrat)


Follow the links for other filings on the State and County levels:



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  1. Carolyn D. Anderson

    Jul 06, 2018  at 8:58 pm

    Thanks you for this helpful information.


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