At-Large County Council Candidate, Mike Peetom, was directed to change the highlighted portions of his statement below for the Voter Pamphlet by the Whatcom County Elections Office.

David MacEachran, Whatcom Prosecuting Attorney, reversed the Elections Office decision and upheld the candidate’s First Amendment rights. We congratulate David MacEachran for his just decision.

Statement: Many of you already know me. I’m an everyday family man and long-time resident of Whatcom County. I enjoy helping others and working to improve our community. But I’m frustrated. I attended a County Council meeting two years ago and I didn’t see anyone like me sitting on the Council. I saw a lot of upset people in the crowd who the representatives on the Council hardly seemed to notice. 

Current policies in our county have given many working-class citizens no other choice but to leave our community to find a more affordable place to live and work. The mismanagement of our county is leading to an imbalance. Misguided politics and over-regulation have become our downfall. That can’t go on. We need more balance on our County Council. I will work to unite our county and give a voice to the people.

When you elect me to the Whatcom County Council, At-Large, position B, my efforts will be focused on listening to you and bringing balanced solutions to the challenges faced by the average citizen, worker, and business owner of Whatcom County. I appreciate your vote and support. Thank you!

Referencing the 2017 Voter Pamphlet, prior candidates were approved for making the following statements.

Excerpts from the 2017 Voters Pamphlet:

Rud Browne:  Since January, we have a new set of challenges: dealing with a federal government like no other. Every day we face the demolishing of important Federal programs and policies that we fought hard to create: like the Environmental Protection Agency; vital healthcare for millions, and immigration changes which are negatively affecting our economy. I simply cannot stand by and watch the best of what we are, what we have built, destroyed. I cannot think of a better use of my life at this point and time than to seek re-election. I would appreciate your vote.

Rebecca Boonstra:  I am aware of the need for support from the County in areas that feels distant from decision makers. District 3 is home to many of our County’s most beautiful areas, these places are the gems of Whatcom County yet the people who live here sometimes feel unrepresented by the County Council. As someone who lives and works in the new Foothills and Lakes district, I’ll be able to provide a voice to this large area and serve as a direct link to our community at the county level.

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