The Whatcom Republicans want to extend our thanks to all the volunteers who have stepped forward to participate in the 2018 election season.  As a mandatory “hand recount” was required due to leads less than .25% in the State Senator and Representative races, our volunteers have remained a powerful force beyond the November 6th election night as Observers in this process.

  • There are 11 recount stations set up by the Auditor’s Office and we have been able to place an observer at all stations for the first two days of processing, with Monday, December 3rd covered and working to fill all shifts for Tuesday, December 4th.


Bruce Ayers and Brett Bonner were appointed as Co-Leads for the recount effort and have been available every day to monitor the process in an effective and professional manner, which has ensured accuracy and validity of the recount.  My thanks go out to both for their availability and expertise offered to this critical element of the election process.

Thanks go out to Senator Doug Ericksen and Representative Luanne Van Werven for their attendance at the recount headquarters.

We started the hand recount on Thursday, November 29th.  The recount is progressing well with 56% ballots being recounted by the end of Tuesday, November 30th.   We anticipate we will be involved in the recount on both Monday and Tuesday, December 3rd and 4th, respectively.

  • Senator Doug Ericksen’s recount is still considered to be a 46-vote lead, as reported on election night. One vote is pending and must be determined by the Canvas Board after the recount is completed.
  • Representative Luanne Van Werven’s recount is a one vote gain, with Rep. Van Werven’s lead increasing from 80 votes on election night, to 81 as of November 30th.


Again, we thank every one of our supporters and we will be back at the Auditor’s Office early Monday morning to welcome Observers returning to the business of electing Senator Doug Ericksen and Representative Luanne Van Wervern.

Terry Cox

Chair – Whatcom Republicans

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