December 4, 2018
The November 6th Election Hand Recount began on November 29th and was completed today, December 4th. Auditor, Debbie Adelstein, and her team, concluded the recount with the ringing of a bell shortly before 10:00 a.m.
The Whatcom Republicans recognize all our volunteers that came forward and gave their time and effort during the 2018 fall election and recount process. We are grateful for their commitment.
It would appear the results of the election show no significant change other than one ballot that will be presented to the Canvass Board on December 5th.
• Senator Doug Ericksen’s recount is still considered to be a 46-vote lead, with one vote pending final determination by the Canvas Board as to voter intent.
• Representative Luanne Van Werven’s recount is a one vote gain, with Rep. Van Werven’s lead increasing from 80 votes on election night, to 81 as of November 30th.
We sincerely thank Senator Doug Ericksen and Representative Luanne Van Werven for serving our county and state… and our appreciation goes out to Bruce Ayers and Brett Bonner for their co-leadership on the recount.
The Whatcom County Canvassing Board will certify the results of the “Recount” on Wednesday, December 5th.
Terry Cox
Chair – Whatcom Republicans

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