Gerrit Terpsma, a lifetime Republican, turned 100 years old on May 6, 2018, and we celebrated his birthday and his loyalty to the Whatcom Republican Party at our Committee Meeting on May 12th at Meridian High School.  Along with his two daughters, Diane Gascon and Kathy Weeks, we were delighted to have had the opportunity to welcome and honor Gerrit as he turned 100 years old and to recognize his continued support for the Republican Party.  Luanne Van Werven, 42nd Legislative Representative, was on hand to welcome her dear friend to our meeting.

Gerrit was presented with a Laser Point “Keep America Great 2020” lighted pen and a “Keep America Great 2020” hat commemorating his time with the Whatcom Republican Party Committee Members.  We wish Gerrit all the best as he begins his 100th year.

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  1. Diane Gascon

    May 14, 2018  at 6:00 pm

    Thank you so much for honoring our Dad, Gerrit. He has been loyal and a hard worker for the Conservative Party. He loves his Cap and Pen and was wearing the cap when we visited earlier today. We are on the Trump team and are pleased with the direction he is taking us. Make America Great 2020!! We appreciate your love and sharing the meeting with us!


  2. Diane Gascon

    Jul 25, 2018  at 6:00 pm

    Gerrit is voting for his conservative favorites! Luanne Van Werven, Doug Erickson, Vince Buys! Go Republicans!!


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