Election Results – Communication – November 16, 2017

Despite being unsuccessful in the 1st and 2nd County Council Districts, we are hopeful as we go forward into 2018.   No matter what you hear from the local media, we have a very positive view of 2018.

To sum it up… Tuesday was a status quo election.  Democrats won in the historically strongest liberal non-partisan districts in Bellingham.  A conservative non-partisan candidate won in historically Republican District 3… and in addition, a life-long Republican won his countywide “at large” Port Commissioner race.  Congratulations to Tyler Byrd and Ken Bell.

Two other non-partisan countywide, at large races, were won by liberal progressive candidates with overwhelming City of Bellingham progressive votes.  All conservative non-partisan candidates won in newly formed Council Districts 3, 4 and 5.  Progressive liberal votes maintained their control in City Council races.  Thank you to Phil Morgan, Eric Bostrom, Dan Robbins and Mary Kay Robinson who fought hard for a voice in our community.

If the local extreme left continues their crusade to restrict jobs, dispute the need for a humane jail, deprive water and property rights to families, raise taxes and grow government throughout Whatcom County… we will retain seats in the 42nd State Legislature District… and it will be a very good year for Whatcom County Republicans.


Terry L. Cox
Whatcom County Republican Chair

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