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  1. William LaFreniere

    May 07, 2019  at 8:13 pm

    Bill here N. Bellingham. I don’t know Chris Vance personally. Not my place to make a personal attack on him. His attempt to start a Centerist Party with democrats shows how far the GOP has strayed under his leadership. I can only go by my belief that democrats have a tendency to support organized labor. The power of organized labor is based upon the principal of COLLECTIVE BARGAINING. In other words using large numbers of people to bully others into giving into their demands. Although the local GOP has been acting that way as of late, it is NOT the way that a representative republic operates. Leftist operatives have made their way into the GOP. Their attempts to elevate union members to elected Republican offices is something that will betray all Republicans who might wish to stop the LEFTIST MARCH. It was my hope that my fellow PCO’s would have had the wisdom to realize this and take steps to single out union operatives who tried to seek GOP offices. Perhaps my unwillingness to support union operative candidates will end my term as PCO, but my usefulness to the WCRP is limited anyway. To many, I’m just a useful idiot. Useful as long as I DO WHAT I AM TOLD. Thanks, Bill L.


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