Have we mentioned how important the Conservation District election is?

The Conservation District is an organization that is supposed to support farmers and help them make changes that are helpful to the environment, as well as, helpful to their bottom line.

That is why we think it is important that we have a farmer on the Conservation District board of supervisors.

Larry Helm understands the difficulties that farmers face in this current regulatory environment.  He has done a great job on the board over the last three years and will continue to work for farmers.

Why then has Bellingham been pushing to get their candidate on the Conservation District board?  Local Whatcom County blogger John Kirk explains some of the behind the scenes issues in his current blog post.  (click here to read his post)

We need you to vote!

Any registered voter in Whatcom County can vote.

Please take the time to go to the Conservation District on March 10 and vote for Larry Helm.

Conservation District Office

2975 Hannegan Road (Next to the Rusty Wagon)

March 10, 9 am to 6 pm.


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