Last week  Re-Sources, a tax payer funded non-profit organization with a 2 million dollar a year budget, sent out a “Call to action email” for their supporters to show up at the April 13 Charter Review Commission meeting and tell the commission they do not want Proposed Charter Amendment One to be put on the ballot in November.

April 13 meeting

April 13 Charter Review Commission meeting

We sent out our own “Action Alert” to concerned Whatcom County citizens and a good many of you showed up to defend the right to vote on this issue.  The people in favor of putting this amendment on the ballot can pride themselves in knowing that they made sure their voice was heard in a respectful and intelligent manner.

This graph gives the breakdown of the speakers at the meeting.



Here is one particularly good speaker, Mary Beth Teigrob, who points out that our system of Government in this country was set up to protect the minority.



While there were other speakers from Resources, we thought you would like to hear what Abe Jacobsen, Vice Chair of the Whatcom Democrats had to say.  Yes, he did compare Whatcom County citizens who are in favor of District Voting, to Lenin.



And of course we can’t help but make sure you hear Adrian Eissinger try to filibuster the meeting with five minutes of gibberish.



Thanks to all who showed up at this meeting.  This meeting gives us the heads up that the road to getting “District Voting” passed in our County will be long and hard.  However, the outcome of “fair and equitable representation” will be worth the work!

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