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  1. Roger Almskaar

    Jun 14, 2018  at 9:40 pm

    you don’t have the June 29 kickoff for Luanne and Vincent on your calendar.


  2. Vicki L Grabicki

    Oct 14, 2018  at 9:40 pm

    The mayor took away the Pickett bridge sign and tore down the historic brick entry to Fairhaven Park leaving a utilitarian sign in it’s place. The entry was never maintained the whole ten years I have lived in Fairhaven, but the mayor posted last year it would cost $250K to replace the two brick columns. Nothing has happened but I see beautiful masonry columns go up effortlessly in and on their private properties that didn’t cost the price of a new house. Neighborhood pride being stripped away is not ok. Fundraising works for me and I would like to see some competitive bids!


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