Charlie Crabtree of the Whatcom County Republican party has been notified by the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission that the complaint Charlie Crabtree filed against RE Sources, charging that required campaign donors and expenses C-3 and C-4s had not been filed, has been closed without any punitive action.

The PDC states that: RE Sources was in fact late in filing the required disclosures of who is funding their Proposition 9 campaign and how that money is being spent. The PDC ‘s conclusion is:”I have determined that RE Sources failure to register and report the activity of the committee in a timely manner does not amount to a material violation warranting further action under these circumstances.”

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“We are disappointed that the PDC is forgiving RE Sources for what appears to us to be campaign finance violations”, said Crabtree, chairman of the Whatcom Republicans. “We are especially disappointed because 2 years ago a local conservative political action committee, SAVE WHATCOM was fined $1500 for filing 2 days late.” Crabtree goes on to say, “when in fact the PDC states that RE-Sources was as much as 64 days late”.

The public should be aware that while the PDC has given RE Sources a pass ,RE Sources continues to solicit campaign donations for their Proposition 9 campaign. Donors to this campaign are assured by RE Sources that their campaign donation will be tax deductible, and as a manner of course the donors names will not be disclosed on the Public Disclosure Commission forms.

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