The Whatcom Republicans are pleased to announce the results from our Presidential  straw poll taken at the Northwest Washington Fair.

“Its interesting to see that the voters who took the poll in North County follow very closely what the national polls in the Republican Presidential contest are showing today.” said Whatcom County Republican Party Chairman Charlie Crabtree.  “It is going to be an interesting election season here in Whatcom County as we look forward to our Precinct Caucuses coming February 8th 2016.”

Dr. Ben Carson won the Straw poll at 25.33 percent.  Donald Trump was right on his heels with 24.86 percent. Senator Ted Cruz received 13.47 percent, Carly Fiorina received 9.98 percent, Governor Scott Walker received 7 .16 percent to round out the top five.

Also showing support were Senator Marco Rubio receiving  4.52 percent, and Governor Jeb Bush at  3.58 percent.  The remainder of the eighteen candidates received less than 2.5 percent.

There were nearly 1100 votes cast in the Straw Poll.

Take our online Straw Poll here.

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