Vote APPROVE on Prop. 2015-1: Jail Facility Funding

It is time to replace our overcrowded, unsafe, and falling apart jail. This proposition will fund construction and operation of new jail facilities, adult corrections programs including inmate mental health programs, and other public safety purposes.


Vote APPROVE On Prop. 1: Elect Council Members By District

This amendment brings representation closer to the people. It will force the county government to be more responsive to the local community rather than outside interests.


Vote APPROVE On Prop. 2: Limiting The Power Of Council To Amend Charter

When the voters clearly support an amendment with a 2/3rds majority vote the Council should not be able change it on their whim. This amendment will only allow the County Council to change it with a 7/0 vote.


Vote APPROVE On Prop. 3: Limiting The Council’s Power To Amend The Charter Election Section

We believe that it is a conflict of interest for the County Council to be able to easily change the way they are elected. The County Council can only change this section with a 7/0 vote.


Vote APPROVE On Prop. 4: Increasing The Amount Of Words Allowed In Ballot Titles

This amendment will help voters to easily understand what they are voting on.


Vote APPROVE On Prop. 5: Lowering The Threshold For Initiative And Referendum Signatures.

We want to make it easier to bring issues before the voters.


Vote APPROVE On Prop. 6: Lowering The Threshold For Citizen Charter Initiative Signatures

We want to make it easier to bring charter amendments before the voters.


Vote APPROVE On Prop. 7: Term Limits For County Executive And Council Members

Term limits help break any cycle of corruption and special interests. They bring diversity of people and fresh ideas.


Vote REJECT On Prop. 8: Altering Composition Of Districting Commission

Adding complexity to government is never a good idea.  Instead of having 2 representatives from the top two political parties and one additional member, this amendment adds up to 2 more members and greatly complicates the process.

Vote REJECT On Prop. 9: Increasing Whatcom Council Districts From Three To Five Districts

Currently voters choose who will represent them every two years. Under five districts this will happen only once every four years. Five districts is less representation and more political gerrymandering. This amendment may change how the Port of Bellingham and Charter review commissioners are elected.


Vote REJECT On Prop. 10: Charter Amendments Require Supermajority Vote

If passed, this proposition would overrule propositions 2 and 3. The Charter Review Commission’s purpose is to make changes to the Charter. The County Council’s primary purpose is to legislate.   They are two very different purposes and should not be held to the same standard for changing the charter.


Vote YES on Initiative 1366: 2/3rds majority to raise taxes

This initiative would decrease the sales tax rate unless the legislature refers to voters a constitutional amendment. The constitutional amendment will require two-thirds legislative approval or voter approval to raise taxes, and legislative approval for fee increases.

 Vote NO on Initiative 1401



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