Supporters of this initiative made a video telling you not to be fooled by ‘Big Oil’ claims that the carbon tax will raise energy prices. Supporters claim that “Big Oil” makes plenty in profits to cover a puny carbon tax. In the background they show ominous plumes emanating from smokestacks against a dark sky.

First thing: that’s steam in fog. Water vapor in water vapor. Don’t be fooled.

Second thing: prices reflect the cost of production. If you increase the cost of something, through taxation or any other means, its price will increase. Don’t be fooled.

Third thing: most of us need fossil fuel to get to work, grow our food, deliver our food, refrigerate our food, power our hospitals, run our internet — practically everything we do or need. If we increase the cost of energy, the price of practically everything we do or need will go up. Except your paycheck. Don’t be fooled.

Alternatives to fossil fuels are marginal at best for meeting our present energy needs. The technology simply isn’t efficient enough. That may change, gradually. But you cannot force innovation and discovery through taxation. That will make everyone less prosperous. That’s the opposite of how it works. Don’t be fooled.

Big oil (and little oil), whomever they are, take in a lot of cash in payment for making a product that we all need and use. What do you suppose that they do with all that money? Pay their workers to make more products to meet the demand, invest in their production and delivery infrastructure, research and development of new resources, including alternatives. Don’t be fooled.

Vilifying someone who is producing a commodity we all need and use is dishonest and stupid. Don’t be fooled.

Vote NO on I-1631 with extreme prejudice. What will the state do with your loss of prosperity?

This should motivate you to vote. And while you’re at it, please consider voting for our recommended candidates.