Introducing a new group!


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DOVE Whatcom is a Political Action Committee

They will focus on Restoring & Preserving Local Representation on the Whatcom County Council.


Join their first event 

Rally at the Courthouse

July 7, 2015

5:30 pm

Whatcom County Court House, 311 Grand Avenue in Bellingham

What is the issue?

The Whatcom County Council has made it known that they intend to over ride the duly elected Charter Review Commission and put contradictory charter amendments on the November ballot.

The Whatcom County Charter does allow the County Council to make changes to the Charter.  However, for them to put changes on the ballot that override the current Charter Review Commissions work is morally reprehensible.

The citizens of Whatcom County overwelmingly elected the current Charter Review Commission to do this work.

With their current action, the County Council chooses to disregard voter choice and act like a totalitarian regime that subverts the will of the people.

This is important!

Show up and make your voice heard! 


DOVE Whatcom Committee

can be found at:

Facebook at DOVEWhatcom

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