We are excited to announce our new officer team and executive board who have been elected to serve two year terms.


(Pictured L-R are Carolyn Anderson, Greg Brown, Eileen Sobjack, Charlie Crabtree, Terry Cox, and Maureen Danielson.)

Continuing to serve as Chairman is Charlie Crabtree and as Vice Chair is Eileen Sobjack. State Committee Man is Greg Brown and newly elected as State Committee Woman is Carolyn Anderson. Maureen Danielson is secretary and continuing to serve at treasurer is Terry Cox.

In a statement released after his re-election as Chairman of the Whatcom County Republican Party on December 13, 2014 Chairman Charlie Crabtree voiced his goals for the party in the upcoming two years.

“We need to build on what we have learned in the recent past in Whatcom County and move forward with a more permanent structure that allows our younger voters to become involved in all the areas of party functions, including Communications, Grassroots organizing and fund raising ; to ensure the Republican message is fostered locally for the party into the future.” Crabtree said.

Crabtree Continued: ”We need to make certain all of Whatcom County is included in our future plans and continue our identification, get out the vote and Registration programs to widen our growing base even further.”

Concerning the 2015 -2016 campaign cycles the reelected chairman said: “In 2015 we need to work hard to make certain all facets of public input are garnered for the Charter Review process and to make certain the citizens are heard in this once in 10 year process. In 2016 we need to win Whatcom County for all of our candidates.”

“Finally we need to use the tools I talked about to work hard to elect like minded conservatives throughout Whatcom County.

I look forward to working with our great team of officers, executive board members, and precinct committee officers to bring better government to Whatcom County.”

In addition to the officers, serving on Executive Board are:

1st Council District – Larry Helm, Kent Murray, Robert Thorndike, Jon Strong, and Mary Studebaker.

2nd Council District – Judy Criscuola, Micah Dilts, Chet Dow, Joan Dow, and Mark Nelson.

3rd Council District – Nick Evans, Janette Larsen, Max Perry, Don Sobjack, and Karl Uppiano.

City of Bellingham – Bruce Ayers, Jan Brown, Matthew Goggins, David Ladiges, David McCluskey, Dave Onkels, Manis Pierre, Jon Soine, Joe St. Hilaire, and Margot Wade-Terry.

Serving as 42nd Legislative District Committee Chair is Manis Pierre.

On the 40th Legislative District Committee are Larry Helm and Bruce Ayers.

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  1. Marty Ellison

    Apr 30, 2019  at 11:23 am

    Please pass along to Carolyn Anderson. I’m Marty Ellison, I met you through Connie Costner at Overlake Singles. We were married in 1996. I have something for you painted by Gene Ammonson.

    Please reply to my email or call me at 425-941-9451.

    Look forward to connecting.


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