Susan Hutchison

Dear State Committee and E-Board,

Your state party is in excellent shape as 2018 begins.  Thanks to you, Republicans throughout the state are united–with clear objectives for the mid-terms and beyond.  Thanks to your staff at the WSRP headquarters, the WSRP is debt free, with no legal issues pending, and the most robust bank accounts anyone can remember.

Now in my 5th year as Chairman–and with the Party very healthy–I believe this is the right time for me to step down.   I have loved this job and the people with whom I am privileged to work.  I am proud of all we have accomplished together.

We will have an orderly transition:

  1. My resignation as Chairman will be effective Sunday, February 4th.
  2. Election for new Chairman will be at the end of the State Committee Meeting on January 20th in Moses Lake.
  3. After that I will remain Chairman for 2 weeks to:
  • Train/transition the Chairman-Elect
  • introduce the Chairman-Elect to major donors statewide
  • wrap up my duties at the RNC meeting Jan 31-February 3
  1. Whether a man or woman is elected, it will not affect our Vice Chair, Grant Peterson.  He will continue to serve just as Luanne Van Werven continued to serve as Vice Chair when I was elected.  The courts have ruled that state law defining internal governance of political parties is unconstitutional.  Our legal counsel has confirmed this.

Anyone choosing to run for Chairman should be:

  • Strong and courageous.
  • A leader who can bring people together to achieve big goals.
  • An articulate speaker and written communicator.
  • An eager and undaunted fundraiser.
  • A capable manager of talented staff.
  • Willing to work long hours and weekends.
  • Experienced with elections and campaigns.
  • An active and proud Republican.
  • Supportive of GOP elected officials.
  • Data and digital savvy.
  • A stickler for PDC and FEC compliance.
  • Respectful and fair-minded.
  • Willing to serve through the 2020 election cycle.

I have treasured the privilege of serving as your Chairman for these many years.  Together we have accomplished so much which will aid in our success for years to come.  Thank you!


Chairman Susan Hutchison
Washington State Republican Party

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  1. Frederick G. Leggitt

    Jan 05, 2018  at 8:15 pm

    Honorable Susan Hutchison, thank you for bringing unity to our party and for your positive and effective leadership.

    Please hive my warm regards to your husband, the Colonel. He was my manager at Boeing for an impirtant time in my career, and I am ever greatful for his influence on my life.
    Sincerely, Frederick “Gary” Leggitt


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