Passed Unanimously on February 11, 2017

We believe our National Borders are best protected by fair and enforced immigration policies and regulations.  The United States government must protect all of our citizens and their families.  Unlawful entry into our Country should be prohibited.

We support the immediate enforcement of all existing lawful immigration regulations, including:

  • – Conducting proper security screening of all temporary workers, refugees, and permanent residents or citizen applicants;
  • – Monitoring visa overstays and deporting individuals whose visa has expired;
  • – Enacting an effective temporary guest worker program;
  • – Sanctioning employers who knowingly enable undocumented workers;
  • – Deporting aliens who commit felonies in the United States as our first enforcement priority; and
  • – Withholding federal funding from cities and towns that refuse to support and coordinate with federal officials concerning immigration laws (commonly known as, but not exclusively, Sanctuary Cities).


We support the enforcement of existing immigration laws and all rights and privileges guaranteed to our citizens by our constitution.

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  1. Cheri King

    Feb 12, 2017  at 4:49 pm

    As it should be!


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