There is a reason we sent this man back to Olympia!

It’s been a busy week for Senator Doug Ericksen down in Olympia.  By working with the Bi-partisan Coalition he was able to get two very important bills passed through the State Senate.

Senate Bill 5057:   Is an oil-train safety bill, putting the state’s emphasis on emergency preparedness and planning, and leaving open the possibility of further action on state waterways. (Passed the Senate 26-23)

Senate Bill 5735:  Makes modest changes to Initiative 937. The 2006 ballot measure requires utilities to purchase a growing proportion of their power from “renewable energy” – virtually all of it from wind farms. The bill gives utilities another way to comply, by investing in programs that reduce carbon. (Passed the Senate 26-23)

Senator Ericksen told us he would work for “Energy independence: Done Safe and Done right”

And sure enough he is!

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