Starting January 22, 2018, the TSA are going to turn away any Washington State Standard Driver’s License holder wishing to board an airplane whether it’s stamped, “Not to be used for Federal Purposes” or not.  The new Standard Driver’s Licenses will be stamped with that statement after the 23 July implementation date. Current Standard Driver’s Licenses, although not so marked, are also going to be worthless for boarding aircraft or entering military bases, etc., starting on the effective date.

If you don’t have the correct Driver’s License and no other picture ID, you will have to fill out a time-consuming form. Your information will be put into a computer, and if it can be determined that you are in the US legally, only then you will be allowed to board the airplane. Allow plenty of time to perform this procedure prior to boarding!

You may upgrade to an Enhanced Driver’s License, probably for the remainder of your present 6 year standard driver’s license term, for $4.00 a year. To upgrade, a US birth certificate, passport or correct alien documentation (Green Card, Permanent Visa, etc.), will be required to prove you are in the US legally.

(See the TSA Identification Process…)

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  1. Lurene Gisee

    May 19, 2017  at 9:45 pm

    I have a passport and WA state aforementioned ID, but even as a citizen who believes boundaries and borders require protection and rational legal acknowledgment, this is like impossible geometry. “Welcome to America. Hope you enjoy perusing our Federal Budget at the next counter…” We need clarity, not craps tables. We are at the West Coast and at an International Border, as well as state borders. I concur with your positions. By the way, wher’d all those sanctuary city sheep go?

    Lurene Gisee
    May 19, 2017
    (360) 656-6838


    • Lurene Gisee

      May 19, 2017  at 9:45 pm

      No worries. Do what you must. — Lurene


  2. Jim Voorhees

    May 20, 2017  at 9:45 pm

    Could you please look into prevailing wage rates for Painters / Tapers in whatcom county and why it is low. Many of us are older and need the full wage which is 55 an hour to retire. I have been taping for 30 year’s and was a single parent. Please help the workers. Thanks.


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