In a five to one decision, on March 17 the Whatcom County Council appointed Satpal Sidhu to fill out the remaining term of Council Member Sam Crawford who stepped down from his position March 1.  Sam Crawford, who served on the County Council for 15 years was the Republican endorsed candidate and won the vote of the peoplein his district four times.

Why then has the current County Council gone against the will of the people and given the District Two seat to a Liberal Democrat who did not win the vote of the people in District Two in his bid for State Representative in 2014?

“The voters of Whatcom County should be outraged by this appointment” said Charlie Crabtree, Chairman of the Whatcom County Republicans.  “Former County Councilmember Kathy Kershner, who also applied for the appointment, won the vote of the people in the second district by 57% in 2013 .  If the County Council was abiding by the will of the people they would have appointed Kathy”

Crabtree continued, “what we have now is a politically homogenous County Council that does not reflect the viewpoints of a majority of their constituents. We are seeing a very high percentage of 7 to 0 votes.  While they may congratulate themselves on their consensus, we know that a Council that is not debating is not doing their job.”

“This vote illustrates the need to return to choosing County Councilmembers by a vote of the people in their district”, said Crabtree.  “That is the only way to ensure we have the diverse representation of all of the interests of Whatcom County heard.”

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