Proponents of the “5 District” proposal (Proposition 9) want you to believe it is “Fair and Equitable”

However, we found some glaring flaws that make it anything but……


Here are the top five flaws we found in this proposal:


1.  You will only have one County Council representative in your district.

 Currently you have two representatives in your district.

2.  You will only get to vote on a County Council representative once every 4 years.

Currently you vote every two years. 

3. You will only get 3 Commissioners to represent you on the Charter Review Commission.

Currently you have 5 representatives on the Charter Review Commission.

4. The Port Commission and the Public Utility District will not have the same representative districts as the County Council.

Why complicate the ballot and make it more expensive?

5. So poorly written that the districts may not be decided before you get to vote on a Council member in 2017.

Will you be the one that doesn’t get to vote on a representative that year?


Be sure to mark your ballot REJECT on Proposition 9!


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