NO on Initiative 1631 — Carbon Emissions Fee
A Tax on Energy and Everything

Supporters of this initiative made a video telling you not to be fooled by ‘Big Oil’ claims that the carbon tax will raise energy prices. Supporters claim that “Big Oil” makes plenty in profits to cover a puny carbon tax. In the background they show ominous plumes emanating from smokestacks against a dark sky.

First thing: that’s steam in fog. Water vapor in water vapor. Don’t be fooled.

Second thing: prices reflect the cost of production. If you increase the cost of something, through taxation or any other means, its price will increase. Don’t be fooled.

Third thing: most of us need fossil fuel to get to work, grow our food, deliver our food, refrigerate our food, power our hospitals, run our internet — practically everything we do or need. If we increase the cost of energy, the price of practically everything we do or need will go up. Except your paycheck. Don’t be fooled.

Alternatives to fossil fuels are marginal at best for meeting our present energy needs. The technology simply isn’t efficient enough. That may change, gradually. But you cannot force innovation and discovery through taxation. That will make everyone less prosperous. That’s the opposite of how it works. Don’t be fooled.

Big oil (and little oil), whomever they are, take in a lot of cash in payment for making a product that we all need and use. What do you suppose that they do with all that money? Pay their workers to make more products to meet the demand, invest in their production and delivery infrastructure, research and development of new resources, including alternatives. Don’t be fooled.

Vilifying someone who is producing a commodity we all need and use is dishonest and stupid. Don’t be fooled.

Vote NO on I-1631 with extreme prejudice. What will the state do with your loss of prosperity?

YES on Initiative 1634 — Prohibit local taxes on groceries

This measure would prohibit local government entities from imposing any new tax, fee, or other assessment on grocery items. It would not prevent the state from imposing taxes on groceries.

This initiative is intended as a response to the Seattle tax on soda pop, because Seattle elites want to discourage us from drinking too much sugary beverage, as if it’s any of their business. They believe it is their business, because if the government is providing health care, then they have a vested interest in keeping us as healthy as oxen. Which gets us into a whole different discussion about losing our freedom when the nanny state is taking care of us like helicopter parents.

Vote YES on I-1634 to stop this pernicious Seattle agenda from spreading.

NO on Initiative 1639 — So-called ‘gun safety initiative’

This initiative has so many constitutional problems that only the Washington State Supreme Court could possibly uphold it.

Whatcom Republicans are just as saddened, outraged and angered as anyone, whenever some deranged bully violates the human rights of innocent victims by shooting up a school or other public place. But we are further outraged because these events invariably trigger the left to curtail everyone else’s rights in a futile attempt to avert these abominations.

There are things that would help prevent or stop an attack, but Initiative 1639 isn’t one of them. I-1639 is touted as a ‘gun safety’ initiative. However, most gun owners are already quite aware of the need for safety, and we use these tools according to best practices, while maintaining the usability and practicality for which we purchased them.

It is obvious that the authors of this initiative are not gun owners and have no idea what they’re talking about. What’s more, they’re not constitutional scholars, either. This initiative should make you so angry that you want to leap on your ballot and vote, the moment it arrives on your doorstep. While you’re at it, elect Republican candidates to help prevent the spread of the illiberal Seattle agenda across the rest of an otherwise red state.

The left keeps protesting that “nobody is coming for your guns”, yet here they come:

  • I-1639 violates the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPA) privacy regulations of anyone who wants to buy a firearm. Under I-1639, data collected during gun sales and transfers could be used to enforce a new state “verification” process to ensure that persons are not in “illegal possession”.
  • I-1639 would require gun owners to lock up their firearms or face criminal charges. This strict mandate renders firearms useless in a self-defense situation by requiring them to be locked up. When seconds count, the police can arrive in minutes. What happens in the meantime is your responsibility. If your weapon is locked up, good luck in an emergency.
  • Currently, adults aged 18-20 are prohibited from exercising their constitutionally protected right of purchasing or receiving a handgun. I-1639 would expand the current infringement on such law-abiding young adults to include purchasing or receiving any semi-automatic rifle.
  • I-1639 classifies any semi-automatic rifle as an ‘assault rifle’. Some of the rifles that fall under this new classification include low power sporting rifles such as the Ruger 10-22 and the Marlin Model 60. Any gun owner knows these plinksters are made for target shooting and very small game. They would make a ridiculous assault weapon. It just goes to show the authors’ lack of knowledge about guns, and the cavalier attitude towards legitimate and responsible firearm users.

They haven’t formally taken our guns yet, but they’re making firearms very difficult to obtain, impractical to use, registering our possession of them (so they can find and take them later), and forcing us to depose our privacy if we want to buy one.

Vote NO on I-1639. What part of ‘infringe’ don’t they understand?

NO on Initiative 940 — Police Training and Criminal Liability in Cases of Deadly Force

Whatcom Republicans believe police avoid deadly force whenever possible, and use it only when they feel that their own lives are in danger. The narrative that police are malicious racist bigots is deeply offensive to us. Police departments already have policies and all sorts of sensitivity training and situational awareness training to avoid the need for deadly force. They just want to get home safely to their families after each shift. We feel that this measure would actually increase tensions and resentment towards cops, and compliance would be redundant and expensive.

NO on City of Bellingham Proposition 2018-5

The City of Bellingham has introduced Proposition 2018-5, a $400 million replacement of the voter-approved 2012 affordable housing levy that would cost the average homeowner $108 per year.

The Whatcom Republicans are not in favor of wealth-redistribution schemes that require one person to involuntarily work for another person. That is the definition of slavery, and slavery has been deemed to be immoral. A majority of people voting for an immoral thing doesn’t make it moral, even if laundered through taxation.

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