There are two major issues in Whatcom County this election season. Here’s where we come down on them.

  • Whatcom Republicans support Proposition 2017-6. The Whatcom County Jail is broken! It has been broken for decades. This needs to be addressed. County Sheriff Bill Elfo explains why.
  • The Hirst Water Decision applies to all of Washington State. Why did only one County Council vote for a moratorium? There is no direct election on the Hirst decision, but the best referendum on the Hirst decision would be to replace every Whatcom County Council member who voted for the moratorium on private wells. See our recommendations, below.

Endorsed, Supported Candidates

The following are endorsed or supported by the Whatcom Republicans.

Recommended, Un-Endorsed Independent Candidates

The following are running as independent candidates. They did not seek, nor did we endorse or financially support their campaigns. However, we believe their positions and principles are closer to ours than that of their opponents, and we are recommending them.

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