Chair, Eileen Sobjack and Committee members:  Charlie Crabtree, Maureen Danielsen and Larry Helm.

We, the Republican Party of Whatcom County, standing on the shoulders of our nation’s Founders, affirm each person’s God-given unalienable rights, including Life, Liberty, and Property (the Pursuit of Happiness).

These rights are carefully outlined and protected by the Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, and the Washington State Constitution. As our founding fathers referred back to their Judeo Christian heritage, we affirm those institutions that have created the greatest nation on earth.


Our nation will be strong only as we value every individual.  Each human Life from conception to natural death  – their abilities, responsibilities, dignity, freedom, and Life itself – must be honored.


We support freedom in our economy because freedom works, and is always morally better than the tyranny of compulsion.

We support freedom of personal compassion.  True charity ultimately benefits both those who give as well as those who receive.

We support freedom in education choice as essential for families to prepare their children to lead useful and productive lives.

We support freedom through military strength.  Freedom to be strong as a nation gives way for the spread of Liberty.

The Pursuit of Happiness (property)…

Constitutional government protects the Life and Liberty of every citizen and opens the opportunity for the Pursuit of Happiness..


“So it was our Republican Party that gave me a political home.  When I signed up for duty, I didn’t check my principles at the door.  And I soon found out that the desire for victory did not overcome our devotion to ideals.  And what those ideals have been.  Our party speaks for human freedom – for the sweep of liberties that are the core of our existence.  We do not shirk from our duties to preserve freedom so it can unfold across the world for yearning millions.”  President Ronald Reagan 1988





Whereas, normally the state Primary is conducted before the State Convention

Whereas, this year the process is reversed;

Whereas, electing delegates at our State Convention who may not want to vote for the candidates selected in the State Primary as demanded by the current National Convention rules;

Whereas, the National Convention rules may change so the first ballot rules change; and

Whereas, the public has been confused with the changes in Primary vs Convention dates;

Resolved, that the WCRP encourage the Washington State Republican Party to continue efforts to have the next Presidential State Primary before the State Convention.



Whereas, new laws are passed by our legislators and signed into law by the Governor, all whom are elected to perform this function;

Whereas the new laws are then given to our civil servant bureaucrats for rule making and fee assessment; and

Whereas these administrative rules are never sent back to the bill’s author, or any other elected official for review,

Resolved, that the WCRP work with the legislature to pass legislation to require all new laws generating administrative rules and fees require final approval by the bill’s author before implementation.



Whereas, the prevailing policies of wealth redistribution have not promoted a business-friendly environment in Whatcom County;

Resolved, that the Whatcom County Republican Party support free enterprise jobs that create wealth through industry, farming, fishing, forestry, and mining.



Whereas, bicycles are frequent forms of transportation in the Kendall area, especially along Kendall road;

Whereas, the recent fatality demands the need for improved safety; and

Whereas, a bike path with ample lighting will deter bicyclists from the road and away from motorists;

Resolved, that the delegates of the 2016 WCRP Convention send a message to the county council proposing a bike path with ample lighting be created.



Whereas, Public Works projects are paid for by state and local taxes

Whereas, those taxes are collected from the Citizens of the State via Sales Tax, Business and Occupation Tax, Property Tax and other use taxes

Whereas, these taxes are used to build and construct schools, roads, jails, dredge harbors and numerous other projects, WHEREAS these taxes add 9% to 10% or more to the cost of Public Works Contracts

Whereas, many of these projects are funded using bonds and other forms of long term debt which then add interest to the project cost , and

Whereas, these taxes are a redistribution of local revenues

Resolved, The Whatcom County Republican Party endorses this being added to the Washington State Republican Party Platform for 2016

Further Resolved, the Whatcom County Republican Party request the Republican legislators to submit legislation to amend the Washington State Constitution to prohibit taxation by State and Local Governments of Public Works contracts.



Whereas the Washington State Human Rights Commission enacted WAC 162-32-060 which allows anyone to use the bathrooms, locker rooms and shower rooms that are opposite his or her biological sex if they only allege that they self-identify as the gender of others using the facilities;
Whereas WAC 162-32-040 further prohibits “asking unwelcome personal questions” or “disclosing the individual’s . . .gender identity . . .or sex assigned at birth against his or her wishes;”
Whereas it is not possible to objectively determine whether another person self-identifies as transgender or is faking it to gain access to voyeuristic opportunities;
Whereas this law would allow a man, even a registered sex offender, to use a shower or locker room at the same time as a young girl and any effort to determine whether he really self-identified as a female or warn others of the situation would constitute illegal harassment; and
Whereas JustWantPrivacy.org is pursuing an initiative to allow (but not compel) businesses to require patrons to use the private facilities consistent with their biological sex; now,

Resolved, that the Whatcom County Republican Party officially endorses the initiative of JustWantPrivacy.org and encourages all to sign and circulate petitions and to financially support initiative efforts.



Whereas, legislatures, agencies and courts at all levels are imposing unreasonable and subjective rules and procedures on our property rights, fundamental civil liberties guaranteed by our federal and state constitutions; and

Whereas, these actions by big government favoring officials are often aided and abetted by special interest groups, often led by extremists calling themselves environmentalists; and

Whereas, the collective efforts of this anti property rights coalition are costing our county, state and entire country billions in lost income and tax revenue, as well as economic opportunities and personal choices for citizens and businesses; and

Whereas, we support rules to protect the environment and natural resources, as long as they are reasonable, clear and concise, not in conflict with other rules, and actually accomplish a legitimate public purpose; many components of today’s labyrinth of rules do not meet this four-part test.

Resolved, that the Washington State Republican Party demand strong commitments from all candidates and elected officials to achieve effective and timely reform of this excessive regulation at all levels and in all branches of government.