Initiative 732


Initiative 732 is a proposed carbon tax that would enact a steadily increasing, $25 to $100 fee on each metric ton of carbon emissions produced by Washington industries. Furthermore, I-732 is supposed to be “revenue-neutral,” meaning that other taxes within the state would be cut when this tax is implemented, resulting in neither an overall …

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Initiative 1501 – How Unions Misinform Members and Criminalize Dissent


Initiative 1501 is probably the most convoluted initiative on the ballot this November. We hope you’ll read the entirety of this short article, as it is extremely important to be informed about this initiative and make the right choice when voting. I-1501 alleges to help protect three classes of people against identity theft: Seniors, disabled …

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Initiative 1433 – Minimum Wage


  Vote ‘NO’ Initiative 1433 is an attempt to raise the Washington State minimum wage to $13.50 an hour by the year 2020. Raising the minimum wage is often an appealing idea to people, especially those who believe that every person, regardless of their work, is entitled to a “living wage.” Unfortunately though, these sometimes …

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Primary Election Day a Resounding Success for Whatcom Republicans!


Republican candidates in Whatcom County swept the board and were joined with dozens of successes across the state after results from the August 2nd Primary started trickling in Tuesday evening. Here are some of the highlights from a very successful campaign: Representatives Vincent Buys and Luanne Van Werven both received healthy majorities in their primaries …

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