It’s Official! Electoral College Elects Trump!


The Electoral College formalized Donald Trump’s election victory on Monday despite protests around the country to encourage GOP electors to abandon the Republican. The president-elect easily racked up the 270 electoral votes needed to send him to the White House. Interest in the normally mundane voting process spiked this year as opposition to Trump continues …

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Reject Initiative 735: Keep our elections balanced


The first thing voters need to know about Initiative 735 is that it is technically advisory in nature, meaning that it doesn’t actually change anything. A “yes” vote would simply urge Washington’s congressional delegation to propose a constitutional amendment that would reserve constitutional rights for people, but not corporations. In other words, I-735 is an …

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Republican Recommendations of 2016

Slate Card President / Vice President: Donald Trump / Mike Pence U.S. Senate: Chris Vance U.S. Congress – District 1: Robert Sutherland U.S. Congress – District 2: Marc Hennemann Governor: Bill Bryant Lt. Governor: Marty McClendon Secretary of State: Kim Wyman State Treasurer: Duane Davidson OR Michael Waite Attorney General: No Recommendation Commissioner of Public …

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