Reject Initiative 735: Keep our elections balanced


The first thing voters need to know about Initiative 735 is that it is technically advisory in nature, meaning that it doesn’t actually change anything. A “yes” vote would simply urge Washington’s congressional delegation to propose a constitutional amendment that would reserve constitutional rights for people, but not corporations. In other words, I-735 is an …

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Republican Recommendations of 2016

Slate Card President / Vice President: Donald Trump / Mike Pence U.S. Senate: Chris Vance U.S. Congress – District 1: Robert Sutherland U.S. Congress – District 2: Marc Hennemann Governor: Bill Bryant Lt. Governor: Marty McClendon Secretary of State: Kim Wyman State Treasurer: Duane Davidson OR Michael Waite Attorney General: No Recommendation Commissioner of Public …

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Whatcom EMS Levy


Whatcom County voters will find Proposition No. 1, or “The EMS Levy” on the ballot in November. This is an additional property tax of $0.295 per thousand dollars of assessed value. In other words, if you have property assessed at $600,000, you will pay approximately another $180 in taxes, each year for the next six …

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Initiative 732


Initiative 732 is a proposed carbon tax that would enact a steadily increasing, $25 to $100 fee on each metric ton of carbon emissions produced by Washington industries. Furthermore, I-732 is supposed to be “revenue-neutral,” meaning that other taxes within the state would be cut when this tax is implemented, resulting in neither an overall …

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