Republican Recommendations of 2016

Slate Card President / Vice President: Donald Trump / Mike Pence U.S. Senate: Chris Vance U.S. Congress – District 1: Robert Sutherland U.S. Congress – District 2: Marc Hennemann Governor: Bill Bryant Lt. Governor: Marty McClendon Secretary of State: Kim Wyman State Treasurer: Duane Davidson OR Michael Waite Attorney General: No Recommendation Commissioner of Public …

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Whatcom EMS Levy


Whatcom County voters will find Proposition No. 1, or “The EMS Levy” on the ballot in November. This is an additional property tax of $0.295 per thousand dollars of assessed value. In other words, if you have property assessed at $600,000, you will pay approximately another $180 in taxes, each year for the next six …

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Initiative 732


Initiative 732 is a proposed carbon tax that would enact a steadily increasing, $25 to $100 fee on each metric ton of carbon emissions produced by Washington industries. Furthermore, I-732 is supposed to be “revenue-neutral,” meaning that other taxes within the state would be cut when this tax is implemented, resulting in neither an overall …

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Initiative 1501 – How Unions Misinform Members and Criminalize Dissent


Initiative 1501 is probably the most convoluted initiative on the ballot this November. We hope you’ll read the entirety of this short article, as it is extremely important to be informed about this initiative and make the right choice when voting. I-1501 alleges to help protect three classes of people against identity theft: Seniors, disabled …

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